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Neighbourhood tips: 16 locations in Friedrichshain you should know

What isn't there to be discovered in Friedrichshain?! From cafés to bike shops – here are the Bike Citizens tips for the Friedrichshain district! And all of them can be quickly reached by bike – our 5MinutesByBike tool shows you how to get there in 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes. Simply enter the location and let the discovery tour begin!

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Tobias Finger studied social sience and works as a freelance journalist in Berlin. Whenever he takes a break from writing, he is riding his bike through the German capital.
Foto credits: Iwan Gabovitch on Flickr
Neighbourhood tips Friedrichshain Map Boxhagener Platz

Our locations can easily be reached by bike. Try it yourself with our 5MinutesByBike tool.


Blaue Bohne

At Blaue Bohne it’s all about “taste-oriented and undogmatic” roasted coffee. Solely a roasting house during the week, it serves a selection of fine blends and single origin coffees – that is beans from the same origin – every Saturday from 12-4. Possibly the best coffee in the neighbourhood! If you only want to buy coffee you can do so outside of opening hours.


Silo is one of those hip third wave cafés. Generally you’ll be spoken to in English here, but in return you get some delicious tastes and a very good breakfast. Especially the flat white – a special kind of cappuccino – is recommended.

Happy Baristas

Not far from the S-Bahn station Ostkreuz, a top-class café paradise awaits. The speciality coffee shop Happy Baristas offers selected roasted creations from all over Europe. From the Nitro Brew to the Coffee Cocktail, this place has everything the caffeine heart desires.


The Eispiraten is probably the most popular ice cream parlour in the entire area. On sunny days, the queue of those who want to try out the ice cream manufacturer’s unusual creations stretches well out into the street. But: It’s worth the wait. Whether you go for a cup or cone – you’ll be hard pressed to find better ice cream.

Berlin Reachability 5 Minutes by bike Boxhagener Platz

The coloured areas show what you can reach within 5, 10 or 15 minutes by bike – starting from the Boxhagener Platz. Most of the locations are within the 5 minutes radius. Graphic: Bike Citizens


Trattoria Libau

No matter whether you sit outside at the beer tables, indoors in the pleasant dining room, or next door in the cocktail bar – the Trattoria Libau offers the best Italian food with original character.


Finding genuinely good Mexican food outside of Mexico is usually quite difficult. Good then that Friedrichshain has Agüevo. True to the motto “We are Mexico!” here you will find everything from tacos to burritos to fajitas, anything that the Sombrero-wearing heart desires.

Milch & Zucker

Located on the lively Warschauer Straße, Milch & Zucker offers a changing menu with meat, vegetarian and vegan options. Either indoors in the pleasant ambience or at the inviting tables in front of the large windows – varied food and delicious drinks will not disappoint you.

Chum and Friends

Chum And Friends – sounds exciting, and it is! The finest Asian fusion cuisine, which stands head and shoulders above the multitude of Asian alternatives. Loving dishes like “Shore and Vermicelli” come together with original drinks, including four different Asian beers.

Il Ritrovo

Judging by the decor, you would assume this to be a pub. But Il Ritrovo has probably the best pizza in the entire neighbourhood. Whether you take a Margherita, salami pizza or something more unusual – here it tastes like in Naples.

Hangout spots


This small park at Ostkreuz is one of the most popular meeting spots in the neighbourhood. If it stays warm in the summer, people sit here until the crack of dawn with their ‘späti’-beers and pizzas.


Hanging out at a train bridge? Hell yeah! When the sun goes down in the summer, the bike path over the Modersohnbrücke is lined with people who don’t want to miss the view of the TV tower in front of the pink sky.

Rummelsburger Bucht

This bay of the Spree in the district Rummelsburg is a small spot of nature in the middle of the big city. You can rent pedal boats, go along the shore and even go swimming!

Bike shops

Zum Goldenen Lenker

Apart from the magnificent golden cycling trophies in the style of antlers, the bike shop Zum Goldenen Lenker on Grünberger Straße has a wide selection of different bikes, an excellent bike workshop and a variety of different spare parts and components.


Competent and honest advice, new and used bikes, as well as good prices. Antrieb has got all that and more. The go-to place for your cycling needs west of Warschauer Straße!

Der Radrenner

Located directly at Boxhagener Platz, Der Radrenner offers the finest in retro cycling. The restored bikes from brands such as Bianchi to Vitus will put you under their spell with their sheer beauty. Caution, risk of purchase!

The Gentle Jaunt

On Simon-Dach-Straße The Gentle Jaunt is Berlin’s new hotspot for bike lovers. In addition to the stylishly selected cycling collection for different needs and requirements, there’s also outdoor equipment for purchase and the finest coffee for those who just want to relax from their last tour.

So, a brief overview for everyone who wants to discover one of the most popular and lively neighbourhoods in Berlin. The 5MinutesByBike tool also shows you what else can be reached within a very short time. And the Bike Citizens App will take you to all the places listed – simply enter the location and start riding.

Photo: Iwan Gabovitch on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Tobias Finger square
Tobias Finger studied social sience and works as a freelance journalist in Berlin. Whenever he takes a break from writing, he is riding his bike through the German capital.
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