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5 elegant bike storage racks compared

Bikes are becoming much more of a lifestyle object. The trend shows that for many people, bikes are a status symbol and showpiece. Whether a collector’s item or financial investment, the fact remains that bikes are no longer simply a mode of transport.

Being an adrinaline junkie, as she describes herself, she is best equipped with positive energy. Appart from many different sportive activities she is into everything that stimulates her creativity. Therefore, she loves her job in Marketing and Communication, as she can give free rein to her ideas.
Foto: CLUG Brand Inc.

It is therefore unsurprising that bikes are now often found in living rooms and offices. We therefore decided to see how practical these five bike racks are.

1.) „Reduce it to the maximum“ with the CLUG bike wall rack

What it is: CLUG is the smallest bike rack that we have ever tested. CLUG is available in cool colours, is very practical and space-saving. This small bike storage rack is very robust, simple and universally mountable, and is suitable for three tyre sizes: road bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes.

Clug bike wall rack

Foto: CLUG

How CLUG works: The smart plastic clip is attached onto the wall. The packaging serves as a handy drilling template and collects the drilling dust. The bike is secured by clicking the front wheel into the bracket. We were particularly impressed by the fact that the bike can be mounted either horizontally or vertically on the wall. This allows it to be stored elegantly whilst saving space.

Our top 3 advantages of CLUG:

  • Easy hanging method for mounting: Choose where mount is to be placed, mark, drill, screw in, attach – finished! What we find especially great: Can be mounted at floor height as well as vertically along the wall! Extremely space-saving and no tedious carrying up and down!
  • Clean, no tyre marks on the wall and no visible screws!
  • Colourful design, CLUG is available in many colours!

CLUG is our absolutely favourite bike wall rack. It’s used daily by several people in our team. Therefore, CLUG has received the “Bike Citizens approved” sign and is available in our shop.

Price: approx. 24 euros

2.) Practical, space-saving bike lift by Torrex

What it is: Torrex bike Lift is a practical bike lift for everyone who enjoys technology and wants to protect their bike from scratches. With its space-saving, practical design the hoist is well suited to living rooms, basements or garages. Mounting is no problem for ceiling heights of up to 4m.

torrex-bike-lift-bike rack

Foto: Torrex

How it works: The bike lift is a hoist with an automated rope brake and secure metal structure. All mounting material is supplied with the hoist. The handy hoist principle solves the problem of space in small apartments in an original way: Hook the bike, pull it high, and then use the space for other purposes.

Our top 3 advantages of Torrex:

  • Suitable for ceiling heights of up to 4m.
  • Rubber-coated fastening hooks protect the bike frame from any scratches.
  • Quality and safety are guaranteed by TÜV/GS inspections.

Price: approx. 13 euros

3.) Cycloc bike rack – genius minimalist styling object

What it is: The Cycloc Solo wall mounted bike rack could be hung in the Museum of Modern Art. Minimalism meets space-saving practicality with this artistic design. Cycloc transforms any bike into a visual highlight. Who needs posters and paintings?

cycloc_solo_bike storage rack

Foto: Cycloc

How it works: Cycloc is clamped to the top tube or seat post. The large tube diameter or non-round profile can be mounted. The distance from the wall is variable and is suitable for bikes with wide handlebars (max. 62cm with adapter). Integrated rubber pads protect the frame.

Our top 3 advantages of the Cycloc bike wall rack:

  • The rack suits every shape of frame.
  • Environmentally friendly: Cycloc is made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Openings allow bike locks and accessories to be attached, such as lights and gloves.

Price: approx. 70 euros

4.) Trelixx bike rack places every bike in the limelight!

What it is: The Trelixx designer bike storage rack made from PLEXIGLAS® is a real eye-catcher for apartments, garages or offices. LIXX works easily and guarantees high style. It is space-saving and prevents tyre marks on the wall.

Lixx bike wall mount

Foto: Trelixx

How it works: LIXX consists of two extra-strong 6mm supports made from Plexiglas and an extra-strong 8mm wall plate with an easy-to-use attachment mechanism. Tyre supports are curved from one piece and the surface area for the tyres is 7cm wide. It is therefore suitable for many types of bike. Assembly is easy, even for inexperienced craftsmen, thanks to the accompanying user guide.

Our top 3 advantages of LIXX:

  • Space-saving storage
  • Unique in its quality and design: 30-year guarantee for yellowing from UV rays, all metal parts are non-corrosive and only original Evonik PLEXIGLAS® is used.
  • Made in Germany: All parts are made and assembled in Germany.

Price: approx. 40 euros

5.) Bike Caddie – the designer bike rack

What it is: Bike Caddie wall mounted bike racks were developed for cyclists with high expectations of practicality, design and quality. Bike Caddie bike wall racks are impressive thanks to their quality and unique design, providing space for bikes of all sizes and tyre widths. Made in Germany.


Foto: HGInnovation

How it works: The Bike Caddie HD model consists of high-quality mounting rails made from fine, polished stainless steel. Acrylic protective wall plates prevent tyre marks on the wall when hanging or removing the bike and chain protection prevents the frame from scratches.

Our top 3 advantages of the Bike Caddie:

  • The various Bike Caddie stainless steel models are made from 2mm-strong V2A. This makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.
  • Secure storage: the standard-fitting chain for holding the frame is made from high-quality stainless steel as are the mounting materials.
  • HGInnovation also offers extremely practical designer accessories: we love the exclusive CUBUS frame holder.

Price: varies depending on model – from approx. 30 euros, Bike Caddie HD costs approx. 50 euros

Conclusion: All bike racks have different advantages depending on purpose and budget. However, our Bike Citizens team fell in love with the CLUG. It is easy, simple and genius – just like the motto that we apply to our own Finn smartphone holder. The CLUG bike rack is widely used and can be found in several of our team members’ apartments. The product is clearly deserving of our “Bike Citizens approved” seal and has earned its place in our online shop.

Being an adrinaline junkie, as she describes herself, she is best equipped with positive energy. Appart from many different sportive activities she is into everything that stimulates her creativity. Therefore, she loves her job in Marketing and Communication, as she can give free rein to her ideas.
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