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Bicycle innovation or dead end?

We are very open-minded about cycling innovations. But this time we want to deal with curious new developments that we think are aberrations in the bicycle revolution.

An indication of how much is going on in the field of cycling and sustainable mobility in cities are the many innovative products that try to make bicycle mobility ever easier and more diverse. These include freak bikes and modding, where punk creativity meets the fun of having a good time, as well as real innovations with the potential to make cycling even more interesting.

Some developers, however, apparently want to literally reinvent the wheel. A few of these curious products are presented here. If you aren’t put off by our criticisms and want to try any of them out, please send us a report of your experiences – after all, we could be wrong!

Raht Racer – more car than bike

The “raht racer” – despite the advertising campaign that aims to create a closeness to the bicycle – is an electric car with pedals. Thanks to is aerodynamic shape, the “raht racer” achieves a top speed of 160 km/h. Despite its size, there’s only room for one person and it can’t be used to transport any sizeable loads, either. Where exactly the bicycle innovation for alternative transport is hiding here remains in doubt. The “raht racer” is neither an electric car nor a bicycle.

Yike Bike – unsexy beast

Yikes” – at least the name fits: It seems that “Yike Bike” is trying to design bicycles to be as unsexy as possible. The thing isn’t even a bicycle any more, either. Although sold as a bicycle innovation, it is simply a roller that you sit on.

Fliz Bike – Draisine meets carry cot

The “Fliz Bike” gets by entirely without pedals and saddle. The rider is simply suspended in the bike. This “expansion of urban mobility” combines the running wheel for small children with the carry cot. The whole thing looks like a draisine from the beginning of the 19th century, only the rider is hanging under the bike. The question is, where is the bicycle innovation, apart from looking like a praying mantis.

Flying Rider – beneath the bike in a climbing harness

The “Flying Rider” also follows a similar concept to the “Fliz”. Where does this obsession with horizontal cycling come from? “Flying Rider” is also sold as a piece of sports equipment. Could it be that the horizontal transmission of power is not particularly effective? Shame on those who think that attempts are simply being made here to capitalise on bad (old) ideas. After all, who wants to put on a climbing harness to go cycling?

BMW i Pedelec – The perfect bike for your car

Admittedly, this is a normal e-Bike that is easy to fold. But the fact that BMW is advertising how well a folding bike fits into a car that has been specially designed for it deserves a place of honour here. Naturally, the “i Pedelec” doesn’t get by without an electric drive either. As if merely to destroy what makes up the simple beauty of cycling: overcoming speeds and routes, for which a motor is otherwise needed, using one’s own power and a (relatively) simple mechanical principle.

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