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The smart city of the future – Cologne launches the “Smart Bicycle Traffic Challenge”

There’s a parade and the whole city centre is one big traffic jam? A overflowing underpass and no way through? Pop-up building sites adding unexpected detours? No problem for the smart city of the future: the "Smart Mobility Platform" provides real-time information. This is the vision of one Portuguese company. The EU is supporting the project. Cologne is the test site. At the heart of it all: Bike Citizens’ expertise and bike navigation app!

karen Greiderer_square
Karen runs the Urban Independence Magazin since 2017. The passionate pedal pusher has already travelled plenty of miles on her bike. Today she combines either a folding bike and a bike trailor for kids or a Compact Cargobike with the railroad in Berlin and Brandenburg, touring mostly with her daughter. Her approach to riding a bike is multilayered with a love of detail, but always practical, going back to the days of her youth spend in Austria.