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The Copenhagen Bike Retreat – 11 reasons for visiting the Danish capital and calm your inner streets

The Copenhagen Bike Retreat is the perfect break for distressed urban cyclists as well as passionate bike commuters, couriers and pedaling families. It’s about calming down and enjoy „hygge“ cycling life in one of the best cycling cities worldwide. Find out now if you need a Copenhagen Bike Retreat!

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Karen runs the Urban Independence Magazin since 2017. The passionate pedal pusher has already travelled plenty of miles on her bike. Today she combines either a folding bike and a bike trailor for kids or a Compact Cargobike with the railroad in Berlin and Brandenburg, touring mostly with her daughter. Her approach to riding a bike is multilayered with a love of detail, but always practical, going back to the days of her youth spend in Austria.
Queen Louise's Bridge connects inner Copenhagen and Nørrebro and is frequented by tons of cyclists every single day. © Martin Heibro / Visit Copenhagen

Your daily bike commute is nice. But spring is coming and along with rising temperatures the number of cyclists on ‚your’ bikelane grow as well and all you wish is a broader bike path so you can reach work before lunch. As a young parent you are fed up with the daily judgement by others for taking your kids to kindergarden by cargobike – rain or shine – without even wearing a helmet.

Take a break!

Bike Citizens now introduce the “Copenhagen Bike Retreat” for demoralized, distressed and all kinds of cyclists. Indulge yourself to the ultimate cycling weekend in the Danish capital and experience the luxury of the very first „Bike Retreat“ especially focussing on special needs of urban cyclists.

Inspired by Yoga Retreats all over the world the „Copenhagen Bike Retreat“ is helpful for cyclists to fly the flag and keep on the bike with a positive vibe. The Urban Independence Magazine interviewed Marianne Weinreich, chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and market manager at Ramboll and local bicycle commuters to make the Bike Retreat the one and only top-class answer to your cycling demands. The Retreat will let you return rejuvenated, with a clear mind and a broad smile.

Read the 11 facts why you should experience the Copenhagen Bike Retreat now.

Copenhagen Bike Fair Retreat Nordic Bike Show Finn

“Happiness can’t be told to you. You have to experience it – such as cycling.” So grab your bike and spot Sankt Thomas Plads in spring – it is marvellous! © Astrid Maria Rasmussen /  Visit Copenhagen


Copenhageners choose the bicycle as their preferred means of transportation especially because it is fast, convenient and healthy. These facts just put a smile on your face whilst cycling through Copenhagen smoothly. Cycling is tremendously easy in this town and that fact simply makes for a happy cyclist. „Happiness can’t be told to you. You have to experience it – such as cycling!“ says Marianne Weinreich.

So first of all in Copenhagen: Get on a bike, start cycling and evolve a bright mood and big smile – the baselayer of this retreat.

Copenhagen Bike Fair Retreat Nordic Bike Show Finn

Life in Copenhagen is lived in the saddle of a bicycle. Copenhageners bike everywhere – but it wasn’t always like this! © Visit Copenhagen

Understanding is power
„There is no such thing as a cycling gene!“ says Marianne Weinreich and adds with a smile that Danes are as selfish as others. For instance: Only seven percent  of Copenhageners choose the bike because of its eco-friendlyness.

The major reason why Danes choose the bike is neither their gene code, nor protecting mother nature – it is nothing less than personal convenience. Understanding this, gives you supernatural power!

Copenhagen Andersen Bicycle Retreat Cycling Danes

Once upon a time car was king in Copenhagen… Can you imagine that? © Christian Moller / Unsplash

Know the past and change the future
After the Second World War Europe started to redesign cities: And car was king! The trinity industry, politics and economy have been working in harmony since then to create car friendly cities all over the place. In Denmark and the Netherlands something different happened: In the 70s the numbers of car injuries increased extremely – a lot of kids were involved in fatal accidents. (Sidenote: This happened in Germany too) Citizens started demonstrating and demanding a safe infrastructure. The corner stone was building protected bike lanes. Cyclists come with safe infrastructure – security is key!

Marianne adds, that this story is good to know to create awareness that the „Copenhagen-Model“ can be exported elsewhere. Car friendly cities can be redesigned – even today! Politicians take action and plan for those who are the future and need the most protection (kids) – not the most space (cars). And that development will be come accompanied by an increasing living standard, reduction of air pollution, more quiet zones and more healthy and relaxed citizens.

You have to know the past to change the future. It is in your hands – take effect. It is even a success if you simply navigate your bike through traffic daily and be visible – every bike action matters.

Copenhagen Bike Fair Retreat Nordic Bike Show Finn

Try to “hygge” yourself in Copenhagen and enjoy the cozy lifestyle on and off the bike. © Maria Sattrup / Visit Copenhagen


Calm your inner streets and practise„hygge“
You want the situation to change faster in your city – all over the world? You can’t wait?

Calm your inner busy streets while cycling through Copenhagen and „hygge“ yourself. Enjoy the cozy Danish lifestyle with „Kanelsnegl“ (cinnamon rolls) at „Meyers Bageri“, taste Danish Craft Beer at „Crate“ or in one  of the lovely cafes and bars at Jaegersborggade and pedal for a snack to „Papiroen“, a street food market between the spectacular building of the Royal Danish Opera and Freetown Christiania with amazing sweet potatoe fries and pulled pork. End your day (e.g with cinnamon rolls, craft beer, fries and sandwich again) at „Islands Brygge“ close to the riverside.

Do it as the locals – practise „hygge“ and refill your personal “comfy” level.

Copenhagen Bike Fair Retreat Nordic Bike Show Finn

Recommendation: Practise the “Danish Commute” at least twice a day on your Retreat! © Visit Copenhagen

Recover: Go with the flow and jump into the saddle
Data first: 62% of the citizens of Copenhagen bike to work. Take the chance and bathe in cyclists. Get up early, wrap yourself in neat clothes, grab a bicycle and enter „Norrebrogade“ in the morning hours. This street is one of the most busy cycling corridors in the world. Soak up the vibe of this unique morning commute and pretend to be Danish.

Take a deep breath. May that bath heal your gaping wounds of being a bike commuter in a car friendly town. If you didn‘t have enough – repeat the procedure in the evening hours.

You can even make a ritual out of it and practise the „Danish Commute“ on every day of your Copenhagen trip, only positive side effects known so far.

Copenhagen Bike Fair Retreat Nordic Bike Show Finn

Find peace whilst cycling “Kings Promenade”  in winter. © Visit Copenhagen

Accepting things is finding peace
Copenhagen is not very wide spread and has almost no hills – this is what we call “perfect conditions for urban cycling”.  But you are always surrounded by a breeze. And rain may surprise you. Winters are long. And you can even count altitudes around the city of Aarhus – the second biggest city in Denmark.

As for this the Copenhagen Bike Retreat teaches you to deal with the situation. Get on your bike! And all of a sudden, you’ll realize that it’s not raining too much or the breeze is not too strong. Awake the “Copenhagen viking biking” in you. If this unique nordic vibe catches you – you’ll never stop cycling again.

Explore freedom and find home safely
Copenhagen is surrounded by beautiful nature! Only a few minutes by bike you can leave the urban context behind you and dive into nature. The capital even has its own beach, the “Amager Strand”!

To enjoy cycling in a foreign area most, Bike Citizens recommends you to just get on your bike, activate flight modus of your mobile device and follow your inner compass. Explore the wild nothing, the freedom of the unexpected. Get lost!

For finding back home quick and safe mount your mobile phone with a Finn on your handlebars, activate Bike Citizens App (there’s a an offline version available as well) and choose the slow / middle / fast lane back to your hotel or hostel.

Photos © Visit Copenhagen or Bike Citizens

Superkilen is an urban open space in Nørrebro located in the Quarter of Mimersgade. You can cycle, walk, skate or even jump it! © Céline Au détour d’un chemin / Visit Copenhagen

Uncover your inner child
In Copenhagen everybody from 8-80 years is cycling. This is an awesome starting position to embrace your inner cycling child. Visit the Superkilen Urban Park, one of Copenhagen’s most iconic bicycle bridges the „Bicycle Snake“, and stop at „Den Lille Havfre“, the Little Mermaid and try to remember long lost fairy tales of your childhood by the famous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.

Last but not least drop by one of the bicycle playgrounds – the whole city is a paradise for real and (hidden inner) cycling kids.

Copenhagen Bike Fair Retreat Nordic Bike Show Finn

Be you, ride the bike that fits to you and make a lifestyle out of it! © Martin Heiberg / Visit Copenhagen

Be you!
Cycling is colourful, it is diverse and occurs in different shapes and possibilities – and so are you and your bicycle. No matter who you are and what kind of bike you ride, Marianne Weinreich has one simple advice: „Show who you are through your bicycle.“

There is no better place and time than 16th and 17th March 2019 to visit Copenhagen Bike Show – the biggest Nordic bike fair or Aarhus Bike Show on 9th and 10th March 2019 –
to collect the impressions of the current cycling state of the art.

Try a bike that really fits to your needs (or the bike of your wildest dreams?), lovely gears and intelligent accessories that mirror your cycling personality or find at least a saddle that fits your ass – and always keep in mind: It never should be the other way round! Feel comfy on your bike. Be you!

Be inspired!
Traveling to Copenhagen is easy, smart and eco-friendly – especially by train. No problem if your own does not travel with you: Grab your favourite model at one of the uncountable bike rentals spread all over Copenhagen.

If you come with your partner (who doesn’t share the bicycle passion as you) or your kids – rent one of the famous cargobike brands made in Denmark.

Explore the city as a driver of a fully load cargo bike and enjoy the special little gadgets that make cycling in Copenhagen so tremendously comfortable: detect tilted garbage bins, put your feet on little stairs when you stop at traffic lights. The crème de la crème of cycling infrastructure.

If you haven’t felt it until then, you definitely will feel it from a cargobike Point of view: Wind is stroking your hair – smoothly rolling on wheels. The body-wide positive effects of the Copenhagen Bike Retreat start sparkling… even your Co-Pilots will be under a charm.

Photos © Visit Copenhagen

Copenhagen Bike Fair Retreat Nordic Bike Show Finn

Wheater at home or under a tree at Frederiksberg Gardens – repeat the exercises of your Copenhagen Bike Retreat frequently! © Daniel Rasmussen / Visit Copenhagen

Take home good vibes and practise!
If you return home from Copenhagen there are some little exercises you can practise daily to keep the Copenhagen vibe. These exercies work out too if you can’t travel to Denmark in near future.

  • Hygge yourself once in a while with a kanelsnegi. coffe or craft beer and read inspiring stories on the blog „Copenhagenize“ by Mikael Colville-Andersen.
  • Trust yourself and always take your bike – the weather doesn’t matter
  • Open up to other cyclists and share what you’ve experienced whilst your Copenhagen Bike Retreat
  • Calm down your inner streets and ease your expectations – Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor are cycling cities
  • Explore your city and surroundings as free and wild as a child – follow your nose, just cycle, hands free and try Finn and Bike Citizens App to navigate yourself back home.

At the end we want to share our bicycle mantra. Therefore we adapted the quote of Vivian Greene:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,

it’s about learning to cycle in the rain.”


Say hello!
Visit Bike Citizens in person at Copenhagen Bike Show in March, 2019 and say “Hello”.  We  keep some special offers for you! The best way to reach the Copenhagen or Aarhus Bike Show  is of course to travel by bike – feel free to use Bike Citizens online routing planner or the Bike Citizens App for finding us!

karen Greiderer_square
Karen runs the Urban Independence Magazin since 2017. The passionate pedal pusher has already travelled plenty of miles on her bike. Today she combines either a folding bike and a bike trailor for kids or a Compact Cargobike with the railroad in Berlin and Brandenburg, touring mostly with her daughter. Her approach to riding a bike is multilayered with a love of detail, but always practical, going back to the days of her youth spend in Austria.
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