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Hamburg embraces the multi-mobile age by promoting cycling and introducing the Bike Benefit System

Hamburg has served as an international transport hub and embodied the concept of mobility since time immemorial. The city consistently focuses on adopting a future-oriented mobility mix. The system devised by the "Bündnis für den Radverkehr" (Alliance for Cycling) which was founded in 2016, represents a commitment to promote cycling and improve quality of life in and around the city. This is why Hamburg is now working with Bike Citizens to promote the benefits of cycling using the mantras: Bike Benefit! Get cycling! It’s worth it!

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Karen runs the Urban Independence Magazin since 2017. The passionate pedal pusher has already travelled plenty of miles on her bike. Today she combines either a folding bike and a bike trailor for kids or a Compact Cargobike with the railroad in Berlin and Brandenburg, touring mostly with her daughter. Her approach to riding a bike is multilayered with a love of detail, but always practical, going back to the days of her youth spend in Austria.
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When trend researchers speak about the beginning of the multi-mobile era, it sounds rather like a far-off future where everyone is travelling around in flying vehicles. However, we already find ourselves in the midst of an era of significant change. This is demonstrated by the numerous unpleasant consequences we have seen to date that are the result of the usual travel habits and infrastructures that are in place. This is why Hamburg is aiming to ensure that mobility in the city is in a fit state for the future. In addition to measures to encourage cycling, the development of the local public transport network is also top of the agenda. Issues surrounding four underground and tram lines (the U4, U5, S21 and S4) are currently being tackled. Numerous ITS projects are also being kick-started in order to make traffic flow in a more fluid and environmentally friendly way. This will be achieved through improved connectivity, digitalisation and good opportunities for travellers to switch between the public transport network, cycling and car sharing. 

The city is embracing the multi-mobile age with curiosity and a pioneering spirit. In 2016, spearheaded by the work of the Bündnis für den Radverkehr, the city rallied together experts from the fields of politics and administration. The Bündnis für den Radverkehr works with 18 partners which purposefully implement concurrent measures in the areas of infrastructure, service and communication which are designed to promote cycling. Any city that wants to compete in the global arena needs to promote itself as an attractive location for businesses and skilled workers. In this multi-mobile age, the cities that can offer their citizens of any age a good quality of life are certainly one step ahead of the game.

Hamburg cycling alliance bike benefit finnero future cycling capital urban bike Germany

The quality of life counts at river Alster and Elbe  © Stadt Hamburg

Infrastructure First
The compass is pointing in the right direction: infrastructure measures have been gradually rolled out across the whole city since 2016 in order tosupport safe, smart and convenient cycling and pedestrian travel. These measures include the development of a city-wide cycling route network, cycling routes in the city districts, bicycle parking areas and much more. Bike Citizens has already reported onthe Grün-Vernetzt (Green Networked) programme elsewhere. This programme has seen the city of 1,000 canals adopt another crucial element that will lead to its own transformation. The preliminary stage involves all stakeholders in transportation working together in an accepting, close and considerate way. This is how it should be as it is impossible to move forward without cooperation. Progressing towards a brighter future will not be a revolution but a process that will happen over many years.

Hamburg Germany velorouten bikelanes urban cycling benefit bike citizens

Velorouten connect urban and suburban areas of Hamburg ©

There cannot be a cycling city without city cyclists
Hamburg’s cycling culture is pulsating. Events and popular places in the cycling scene are causing a sensation way beyond the city limits and have become a magnet for cycling enthusiasts. The local fan community, which encompasses fans of different types of bicycles from fixed to folding types, is strong and well connected. There are approximately 1.64 million bicycles in the city.   The goal is to ensure that all of them are in motion. ‘We are aiming higher!’ is the rallying cry of the Bündnis für den Radverkehr which has set itself the target of achieving an increase in the bicycle’s modal share in Hamburg from 12% in 2008 to the 25% mark in the 2020s. From 1 May 2018, they are working in collaboration with Bike Citizens and taking on the challenge of cracking a particularly hard nut; the transportation habits of the citizens of Hamburg. Calling Hamburg and Bike Citizens: “Hopping on your bike brings rewards!”

Hamburg Germany Radpropaganda Kaiser cycling culture suicycle candy shop

The local cycling community loves to meet up for cool rides and fun events © Tim Kaiser / Radpropaganda

My Bike! My City! My Benefit!
The Bike Benefit System rewards anyone who has always travelled by bicycle in Hamburg. It also motivates the more sceptical citizens of the city to re-think their mobility habits. Why not hop on your bike?
If you record the cycling routes that you travel along in Hamburg on the Bike Citizens app, you will be rewarded for regular cycling with finnero credits. 
Finneros are fictitious units of currency which can be redeemed at a range of benefit providers across the city.

Finnero Wechselkurs Hamburg Bike Benefit Programme Germany

The Finnero exchange rate (German only) © Bike Citizens

Does this sound a little abstract? It really isn’t. A wide range of Bike Benefit providers, including cafés, restaurants, cycling shops, shops, boutiques etc., are dotted across the city. They are supporting the campaign in their capacity as partners and are offering fantastic prices and discounts. Is your favourite (or favourite-to-be) place on the Alster and Elbe perhaps on the list of providers?

Hamburg Germany Bike Benefit Programme Provider Presents Finnero Goodies Give-Away Prices

You can spot benefit provider all over Hamburg via Bike Citizens app © Bike Citizens

How does it work? 
Download the Bike Citizens app for mobile telephones for free. You will also receive a copy of a map of Hamburg for free. Register as a user and take part in the Bike Benefit campaign. ‘Track’ your bicycle journeys. Collect finneros. Redeem credits with benefit providers. You can view your current finnero account balance at any time from the home screen in the app. A list of benefit providers includes information on where the finnero credits can be redeemed.

Bike Benefit Programme Hamburg Germany iOS Android App Citizens How does it work

Step by step to Bike Benefit with both iOS and Android © Bike Citizens


Rewards for special cycling endeavours…
You can earn bonus points in the form of extra-finneros. These badges are awarded for ‘special cycling endeavours’, for example, if you cycle at nightor if you manage to get your friends on board(Internal: being clarified). However, you need to find out for yourself how you can earn these highly coveted badges. It is definitely worth staying tuned!

Fantastic prizes await particularly passionate and devoted cyclists. A competition is being constantly run with chances to win the hottest prizes. Top benefits are revealed in the app and on the website

For speedy people!  Anyone who already has finneros in their accounts in the first two weeks of May can exchange them for a free ticket to the VELOHamburg cycling festival.

For nice ones! Finneros can also be donated to a charity. You can make a crash course in cycling become reality. Thanks to Parksportinsel!

For loyal app users! The  Grand Prize is a cherry red Brompton folding bike about EUR 1300 worth of goods! The compact folding bike guarantees mobility. Try and test the “foldie” at the Brompton Store Hamburg!

Brompton Elbphilharmonie Hamburg First Price Benefit Top Provider Foldingbike

Psssst! Real driving pleasure is supported by Brompton – the grand prize © Brompton Deutschland

Other Top-Benefits come from Kaifu LodgeWildwuchs Brauwerk Brewery, Closca Helmets, LiveCycle.Hamburg und RadRace. Anna Wolfers, actress, model and shop owner of the Goldig Concept Stores provides a hint of glamour among the prizes. And tailwind comes from the local cyclist association ADFC Hamburg.

Putting your money where your mouth is
The Bike Benefit System Hamburg (and the opportunity to collect Finneros) starts on 1 May and ends on 31 July 2018. You have already been able to download the Bike Citizens app onto your mobile phone free of charge since March. The download includes a free map of Hamburg.

Success breeds success
The Bike Benefit campaign has already helped thousands of people to hop on their bikes in the cities of Berlin, Bremen, Vienna and Graz. Please click here to read further information about these campaigns. Tens of thousands of people across Europe are cycling with the Bike Citizens app. These cyclists are not just directly helping to improve quality of life in their cities, they are also providing essential information that will help to improve cycling infrastructure when their journeys are recorded in an anonymised way. Find out more about this under Space-Tec for Cyclists.

Hamburg Germany Heatmap Bike Citizens visualisation traffic cycle

The Bike Citizens Heatmap visualizes cycling traffic  © Bike Citizens

Discover your Hamburg – new!
Have fun with the Bike Citizens app! The app can show you how you can stray a little from your own casual-bike-radius (keyword: Wegschatz) or how to try out completely new routes on well trodden day-to-day journeys.

For cycling rookies: The 5-Minutes-By-Bike function (#5minsbybike) by Bike Citizens helps you to quickly and easily view online route planners which will show you how far you can go by bike in five minutes and where the next StadtRAD (bicycle hire scheme) is located. Hamburg’s most popular bike sharing initiative is perfect for commuters. There is also a special offer available for visitors on city breaks and other travellers. The EUR 5 registration fee is waived if you have a HamburgCARD and you can also save money on the kilometre rate after the first 31 minutes of travel. Instead of EUR 0.08, you will only pay EUR 0.06. Hamburg is always a great place to visit. Read more about this in the Bike Citizens Guide to Hamburg.
Good to know: The StadtRAD bicycle hire scheme is increasing in size from 213 hire stations with 2,450 bikes up to 350 stations with 4,500 bikes. 20 electric cargo bikes are initially going to be integrated into the scheme which will increase to up to 70.

Bike Citizens Route Planner online sharing stadtRAD bikerental Hamburg

How far can you go in 5 minutes by bike?  © Bike Citizens

Hop on your bike – now.
Collect finneros.
Enjoy your rides and benefits!

karen Greiderer_square
Karen runs the Urban Independence Magazin since 2017. The passionate pedal pusher has already travelled plenty of miles on her bike. Today she combines either a folding bike and a bike trailor for kids or a Compact Cargobike with the railroad in Berlin and Brandenburg, touring mostly with her daughter. Her approach to riding a bike is multilayered with a love of detail, but always practical, going back to the days of her youth spend in Austria.
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